The Hustle

Posted on Oct 2, 2015

The Hustle

The Hustle

Hustle is an American born social dance which originated in the 1970s. It was traditionally danced in ballrooms and nightclubs to the club style music of that time period. The dance is fun, flashy, incorporating full extensions of the arms to emphasis the movements and grab attention to any onlooker. It’s movement has roots in the Swing 6 count basic, however, the basic form of the dance is a 3 count basic that includes extended counts for improvisation.


History of The Hustle

Hustle partner dancing first immersed in the early 1970s and has roots in both Latin and Swing style social dances. By 1974 it became known as “Spanish Hustle” and in 1975 the Fatback Band made a song with that name. It was also known as the “Latin Hustle.

In about 1976 it became known as the New York Hustle, the later it became known as just the Hustle, when the dance became commercialized after the release of Saturday Night Fever in 1977. The popularity of Hustle dancing during the mid 1970s skyrocketed. It was the main theme at numerous night-clubs throughout the country driven by the music of Funk and Disco. Songs like Van McCoy‘s 1975 hit, “The Hustle” and movies like the 1977 Saturday Night Fever capitalized on the popularity of the Hustle dance craze. At it’s height of popularity, The Hustle was danced in the most popular Discotheques of NYC like Studio 54, Ipanema (240 West 52nd Street), Boomba, Roseland, Inferno and Starship.


Hustle Video Samples

Vintage Hustle 1970s

Maria Torres 2008